Our Philosophy

We are a small family friendly animal hospital. We will do our best to make you and your pet comfortable, and to offer you a courteous and clean environment.

We are always striving for excellence in veterinary care, techniques, technology and education. In the pursuit for excellence, we often find ourselves very comfortable in dealing with complex medical and surgical situations. But we also feel comfortable in reaching out for help from our local specialists at NothStar V.E.T.S. when necessary. Our philosophy is to bring you to the same page that we are on, so you may make the best decisions for your pet.

Once we have listened to your concerns, we will offer you solutions that are best for the pet. The ideal treatments may not be practical for you in every situation, so we will listen to your concerns and bring you to a point where you are able to provide for your pet’s treatments. We will guide you through each step that is needed by your pet. We will inform you of what your pet’s illness is, what it will entail to fix it, in how much time, with what success rate, and how much it will cost you. Only with your permission will we embark on this journey of healing your pet. We want you to be in charge of the situation at all times, since you are the voice of your pet and your pet is not talking to us!

We will do all we can to make the treatment of your pet as affordable as possible, without compromising quality and efficiency of the care.

Our clients should be able to walk in our door at any time they feel it is needed. A sick animal’s owners should not have to worry about getting an appointment while their pet is getting worse in the meantime. We will go the extra mile to adjust our time schedules to take proper care of your pet. Appointments are needed to make the workflow organized and to facilitate the expeditious care of clients’ pets, but we will always receive you with courtesy even if you do not have an appointment. In other words, walk-ins are always welcome, like they should be in any good hospital.

When you come in, we will inform you about the preventive measures you can take to keep your pets in good health. We are not trying to ‘sell’ you ‘products’ or ‘tests’ … we are trying to educate you about preventive medicine. The decisions and the resulting rewards of good health for your pet are entirely yours. We are here to help.

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